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Engineering and Technical education in Chennai, India have been developing faster than anywhere else on the globe since the early 80's, due to rapid industrialization and economic development in Colleges. India now has the second biggest variety of engineering colleges and students on the globe. English is the only medium if guidelines in all engineering organizations. 

In the latest evaluation by the United Nations, the India economy was rated as the 6th biggest on the globe and is expected to move into the fourth place by the end of this century Latest advances in medical, commercial and technological areas, particularly in space, atomic and rocket technology, computer engineering and information technology have earned India globe identification as a growing global power.

The term "engineering" resulting from the Latina term "ingeniare" means "to scheme" or "to create". Technical innovation can be demarcated as "the division of technology concerned with the style, building, and use of engines, machines and structures" and "technology" as the "application of medical knowledge for practical purpose, especially in industry". Engineering education in India has a long custom, the beginning of which goes back to the season 1847.

Enhancing engineering education has been one of the major successes of the post-Independence interval. The creation of the All-India Authorities of Technical Education in 1945 and the Report of the Scientific Human resources Panel (1947) has a far reaching influence in this development.

The development of universities has been incredible during the last several years.  In view of the large-scale growth of organizations, the AICTE is keen to ensure that the quality of programs provided by them is not affected with. It has, therefore, installation the National Board of Certification (NBA) which has introduced a system of accreditation of each program provided by the recognized organizations.

Civil engineering is considered to be the earliest of the main divisions of engineering. Two other relatively older divisions are Technical and Electrical Technical innovation. As a result of medical and technology developments, today new areas of engineering and technology are continually growing. At the same time, limitations between various divisions are becoming less and less clear-cut.
There is also supply for Certification owners to enter the Diploma programs and the Diploma owners to Degree programs. Entrance to B.E, stage course, however, is made on the basis of an All India Entrance Analyze.




About Engineering Colleges in Chennai:

Chennai is a conveniently increasing IT hub. Accenture, HCL, Infosys, Wipro and the large Microsoft organization have their offices there, creating it one of the after places for professionals in Localized local Indian local. It is also a hot place for both well-known and upcoming start-ups which are liked by a lot of students these days due to their eye-catching provides and pleasurable ambiance. Therefore we can say it, definitely, that most of India’s best technology universities can be found in Chennai.

Unquestionably the best of the technology universities in Chennai is the Regional local Indian local Company of Technological progression (IIT), Chennai. Many top organizations rely on business IIT Chennai while choosing best applicants and the school’s educational factor and top great top great quality pressure of teachers make it worth it. Most of the big information and facts work looking for anyone from IIT Chennai but lately start-ups like OLA taxis and Flipchart have taken their interest through providing aggressive income and the fun of working in a start-up way of life. This is the reason why a lot of students are now choosing start- ups.


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